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Our Story

Steriball is a SUNRINO brand. Sunrino Cosmetics is a company that aims at serving people by providing society the production and supply of personal care products they need with the principles of having healthy ingredients, respect towards humans and the nature and unconditional customer satisfaction. Cosmetics and personal care products that comply with these principles are obtained from the most trust-worthy manufacturers and are provided to the people in the most beneficial way and through various channels.

Sunrino family is dedicated to make the world a better place; and we start from your mouth. We are a small, independent team of individuals who respect the nature and the planet we live on; we will always try to come up with products which will make you want to go brushing your teeth with a smile.

The most important reason we came up with Steriball the hygienic container is that we have noticed a great need: We have heard many times the mention of different products while we were working in the oral care aisles. Halitosis, gum problems, stained teeth and various promises given by different tooth brush brands… All brands claimed to fight these problems. However, nobody was talking about protecting the tooth brush or the bacteria and the microbes in the vicinity of a tooth brush.

When we talk about tooth brushes, the first thing that comes to mind is the tooth paste. But it is equally important to keep the tooth brush clean. When the brush is left damp, it is particularly easy for the bacteria and fungi to grow on it.  Health risks become a stronger possibility. Pure and essential oils in the natural compounds of Steriball (tea tree, mint and thyme) easily evaporate and instantly render the environment hygienic. We call this herbal protection, which is carried out by the active vapor technology.