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We are different

Steriball is manufactured from 100% recyclable and nature-friendly materials and it is proven that it
does not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA). It is not tested on animals or includes any animal products.

Your tooth brush is important for us

Your Steriball hygienic container is produced to protect your tooth brush from bacteria, fungi,
splashes of water, dust in the air and contact from other tooth brushes; it guards your tooth brush
from all factors and provides hygiene.

Your tooth brush is safe now!

100% Herbal Protection

Its specially developed tablet both provides hygiene and a fresh feeling with the tea tree, thyme and
mint oils in its formula. These essential oils easily vaporize and make their environment hygienic.

Active vapor technology

The essential oils in Steriball’s content immediately make their environment hygienic as soon as you
open it. Your tooth brush stays clean and hygienic.  Diş Fırçanız her zaman temiz ve hijyenik kalır.

Suitable for daily use

Steriball clips your tooth brush, always protecting it without any batteries or additional accessories. It
is perfect to use at home, the gym, school or during travel.


Clinically tested

Steriball is microbiologically tested and 99% proven to prevent the growth of common household
and bathroom bacteria and viruses.

Protection up to 3 months

Essential oils in the tablet’s content protect your brush for 3 months. They lose their effectiveness
after three 3 months. Do not forget to renew your Steriball every 3 months!

Stays hygienic and fresh

With its special formula, it provides your tooth brush to stay hygienic under all conditions, always.
You guarantee being safe from the bacteria. Also, Steriball does not include any chemicals.

Always with you

The biggest struggle for frequent travellers is keeping their tooth brush hygienically. They develop
certain methods to try to protect their tooth brushes or use unhealthy containers. However, these
never guarantee the protection or the hygiene of your tooth brush.

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Our family

We believe that colors play a great role in our lives and environment. Colors are effective tools to
achieve the harmony between humans and their surroundings. Motivation, creativity, comfort and
the feeling of hygiene are all related to colors.



Red symbolizes love, intimacy, power and excitement.



Purple is the color of royalty. It is also the color of romance, emotions and passion.



Yellow is the color of the sunshine and the gold; it symbolizes life, presence, the mind and the



Blue symbolizes wisdom, trust and loyalty.